I'm a serial crafter and I love learning different ways to make things!

Pamuya Shawl (pattern by Alexandra Wiedmayer)


I learned to knit because I was on a multitasking and productivity kick. My favorite knitting projects are complex lace patterns and complex shaping patterns (like socks).

Amigurumi Octopus (pattern by Lion Brand Yarns)


Knitting and crochet are often confused for each other. They both involve pulling loops through loops to form a fabric but in crochet you only work one stitch at a time, making it very easy to make 3D shapes. My favorite things to crochet are small plushies (amigurumi) and thread doilies.

Pretty Little San Francisco (pattern by Satsuma Street)

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is pixel art with fabric and thread!

Fox (kit and pattern by penguin & fish)


Embroidery is like drawing but with thread!

English paper piecing technique


I bought my sewing machine in college for anime cosplay, then I made my own Renaissance Faire costume. I took up quilting when I finally figured out the very portable "English Paper Piecing" method.

Frame loom weaving


I started with a 32" rigid heddle loom that was again, too impractical for someone who is barely home. I bought some frame looms for portability and hope to weave some wall hangings.

Tatted lace


Tatting is a crafting technique where you create lace patterns through a series of knots. Knitting or crochet differ in that they don't use knots.

Forged barn hook


I've fantasized about blacksmithing since I was a kid and I finally got to take a class by organizing a DIYGirls event. We learned a variety of techniques to forge a metal rod into a barn hook.

Modular Origami

I learned modular origami to avoid studying for finals. Folding and fitting pieces of paper together to make cool geometric shapes is also freakin' awesome.